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Premier Services Host & Property Management  is here to offer property owners  reliable, fair management and personalized services for their Vacation Property.

Firstly, we understand you fell in love with Cabo San Lucas! We celebrate that decision as well, because we feel as you do!

Secondly,  you have decided to make this place, your own part of  paradise. In your future plans you have decided to enjoy it for a certain period of time, because you have to return to your home base, and work to pay  the bills.


Until retirement day comes to live full time in Baja California Sur!,  you have added to your self more responsibilities abroad to maintain your new vacation home.

Thirdly, you will  need to have a professional team to help you  follow up  and manage the pending bills, the list of maintenance items and new improvements  for your house, villa or condo. And last but not least to host you, your guests and family  and make everyone feel at  home.

Premier Services, understand all these needs, and as locals we are aware of how fast Cabo San Lucas has grown up, and how expensive the management services fees, have increased these past few years. In conclusion, because of that trend, Premier Services understands the need  to offer affordable prices and great service. We do not believe, you should be paying a fortune in  fees to other companies, with little or no transparency of the real amounts charged. With “best” as a standard, we offer the following services:

  • Personalized service & local experience, designed to enrich your appreciation of Baja California Sur.


  • Attention to detail, helping our clients achieve the proper functioning of their property.


  • Real transparency, in property management fees.


  • Charges in the local currency wherever incurred.


  • Fair fees for all services, according to the needs of your property, and not driven by the location of your property.


We will go above and beyond, to offer you a premium service experience!


Contact us!  We will be happy to hear from you…!


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